The Albino Penis Envy Reverted cubensis mushrooms is one of newest strains we released during Passover of 2020. The Albino Penis Envy Reverted cubensis (ApeR for short)is the work of a very good mushroom grower JackeonCid. This is a mutant substrain of the Albino Penis Envy cubensis strain, but this one is stabilized. The original Albino Penis Envy was a cross by Workman of the authentic Penis Envy and AA+ Albino cubensis, although that strain is more unstable than its  parent the authentic Penis Envy. never carried the albino penis envy strain because we heard of too many people having problems with it and it was just not for everyone. We are told this one has a good chance to replace the authentic Penis Envy, only time will tell. The Albino Penis Envy Reverted magic mushroom has all the great qualities of the Penis Envy and Penis Envy Albino but loses the bad traits, such as lack of spores and being unpredictable or degenerated. The ApeR is equally potent as the penis envy, grows much faster, drops spores, fruits easily and keeps the light color albino characteristic of the penis envy albino strain. About the only bad characteristic of this strain that came from the albino penis envy is it has a slightly odd smell.  Although not a true albino, who cares, ApeR is cool looking with its whitish colors.  So many people love the magic mushroom Penis Envy cubensis. Mostly for its higher than average potency and unique penis look. However the penis envy is also finicky and not always reliable. The lack of spores makes it very difficult to sell and spread around too. Some say it contaminates easily, others have no problem with it. The potency is equal so the only thing you're losing is the unique penis look. JakeonCid did a lot work to isolate the better traits of the ApeR and we are sure you will enjoy it. Initially in the beginning there were some flushes that didn't drops spores but that was fixed later in the improved version. 

Below are some photos of the parent strain Albino Penis Envy, then lots of photos in our image gallery of Albino Penis Envy REVERTED.

Corey 04/13/2022

Very disappointing. Was a slow colonizer (no big deal), but when they popped they looked amazing. Practically bleeding blue, and were not small. Imagine my shock when absolutely nothing happened on 4g/empty stomach. Same as my wife. We ate 4g each, laid down, and after two hours gave up and made dinner. Listen, I'm not writing this to make anyone upset or knock this company. I just feel I should report what happened and let the chips fall where they may.

Reply from The Hawk: Once in a while I hear of people being immune to the effects of mushrooms. I've seen it first hand twice in 25+ years. As you stated "Practically bleeding blue" which means they had a high concentration of psilocin so it was not the mushrooms. Perhaps meds......? Something else stopping the experience? Who knows but that is very rare. My pet hawk is so sensitive to them he barely eats a gram these days while his girlfriend can eat them by the handfuls. ;)

Tony Sacramoni 04/12/2022

Absolutely amazing strain the Hawk has brought us. This strain does it all and does it well. Very versatile and resilient, worked great on BRF and grain. An absolute beauty to watch mature with some huge fruits. Handle with care as they bruise easily leaving a deep blueish/greenish/purplish mark letting you know these boys are potent. Just an absolute home-run with this one.

Citrus Jones 01/07/2021

I totally spaced and thought i ordered regular APEs, I’m sure you can imagine my befuddlement upon seeing the first pins. These babies look like nothing like the old APEs, and everything like a regular albino cube. colonizes super thick mycelium on the grains, very aggressive colonizer. Bruises DARK blue almost black, super potent and very easy to gro. Highly recommended, beginners would love it. Ill be using these spores from here on out. Happiest mistake ever. Thanks !

Taylor 10/28/2020

Incredible! Great job guys. The original Albino Penis Envy are my #1 favorite strain but can be a bit of a pain in the ass. Amazing results! Beautiful fruits!

Big John 10/03/2020

These are fantastic researchables. No complaints from this super satisfied customer.

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Albino Penis Envy Reverted Cubensis Spore Syringe

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