Escondido Mexico Cubensis Spore Syringe

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This magical mushroom of cubensis spores was originally found by Fishy growing on a coffee plantation in Escondido, Mexico. The plantation has horses on it and the workers probably use the dung to fertilize the soil. According to Fishy, this strain has been thriving on the coffee plantation since 1992. He also tells us it's the fastest colonizer of cubensis he has seen. We have received other similar reports from our friends in Amsterdam and Jamaica. Psilocybin mushrooms in general are wide spread through Mexico and some of our best spores have come from Mexico.



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Spore Taxonomy
Cubensis Spore Taxonomy Microscopic Features: Spores dark purplish brown to violet brown in deposit, subellipsoid, 11.5-17 by 8-11 u. Basidia 2- or 3-spores, but usually 4-spored. Pleurocystidia nearly pear shaped, sometimes mucronate, 18-30 by 6-13 u. Cheilocystidia fusoid-ventricose with an obtuse or subcapitate apex, sometimes sublageni form, 17-32 by 6-10 , with the narrow necks 3-5 u broad.  One rare cubensis strains named Columbia “rust spore” actually drops almost reddish rust colored spores but this strain is very unique! We do carry spores of that strain from time to time.

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