Golden Oyster Mushroom Liquid Culture Syringe

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Golden Oyster mushrooms (pleurotus citrinopileatus) are really quite stunning in clusters. This mushroom is spicy and bitter if cooked lightly. When cooked crispy they take on a strong nutty flavor that is quite delicious, and taste similar to cashews.  This mushroom also thrives in higher temperatures compared to most other oyster mushrooms. Also the more light introduced, the more yellow-golden color the caps will become. This mushrooms grows on a wide range of substrates including straw (wheat,rye,oat,rice, and barley straw), corn, coffee grounds, banana waste, most hardwoods and hardwood by-products like sawdust and paper, compost and much more. This mushroom is becoming more popular by chefs for it’s beautiful appearance and bold nutty flavor.


Growth Parameters

Spawn run: 75-85°F (24°C-30°C), Humidity 90-100%, Time: 10-14 days; 

Primordia Formation: 70-80°F (21-27°C), Time: 3-5 days; 

Fruitbody Development: 70-85°F (20-30°C) Time:3-5 days

Fruiting Cycle: Two Crops 10-14 days apart

Currently we stock liquid culture syringes of oyster mushrooms from lab cultivated mushrooms. We will be selling spore prints for oyster mushrooms soon. 



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