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HD-1 Premium

The main ingredient of HD-1 Premium is Hovenia dulcis. Hovenia dulcis is an Asian traditional herb and comes from the berries and stems of the Japanese raisin tree. The dried berries resemble raisins and have a taste similar to cloves, cinnamon and sugar.

Although not known in western society until recent years, the Japanese raisin tree is native to China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and is also cultivated in India, southern Europe, Brazil and used as an ornamental tree in the USA in recent years. It has a long history of being used as a food supplement and traditional medicine in Japan, Korea and China. Once the fruit from the tree matures the berries and stems are harvested, taken to laboratories and the active ingredient is extracted, which is also scientifically known as Dihydromyricetin. Extracts from Hovenia dulcis (HD) accelerate detoxification of ethanol and posses anti-oxidative, antimicrobial and anti-diabetic properties.

Dihydromyricetin (hovenia dulcis) was studied by UCLA for alcohol disorders particularly to treat alcoholics and in lab tests showed it counteracted acute alcohol intoxication, withdraw symptoms, reduced anxiety, and desire to consume alcohol and reduced intoxication and dependance.

Although many studies in Asia and the USA have shown hovenia dulcis to reduce alcohol intoxication in mice and rats, and one study even showed it lowered blood alcohol level, mushrooms.com does NOT recommend you purchase this product for that sole purpose. HD-1 Premium will only slightly reduce your buzz. It’s like the difference between drinking 5 beers instead of 6. However we do notice our head is a little more clearer and we generally feel better when using this product while drinking. Although that could be because this product is so effective at flushing toxins. 

Hovenia dulcis has also been shown in lab tests to protect the liver from injury due to alcohol consumption and some other chemical toxins. It’s a nice feeling to know when we drink alcohol along with HD-1 Premium our livers are protected from injury.

For those days when you forget to take hangover pills while you’re drinking and you’re suffering the next day, HD-1 Premium actually helps you recover much faster! We have found this is no other hangover products we have tested.

HD-1 Premium is manufacturers by LifeTree Biotech USA and has been in business since 1999. 

HD-1 Premium has a higher concentration of hovenia dulcis then other products in the hangover prevention market. It has 1470mg per 2 tablets where most products using h. dulcis use only around 300mg. As well it uses Vitamin B1 and B2 for better absorption. The tablets are also chewable!

HD-1 Premium is our #1 choice for liver detoxification and hangover prevention out of dozens of products we have used since 2002.

However we find it works even better when used with Reishi mushroom pills and turmeric root for a complete phase 1 and 2 liver detoxification.

HD-1 Premium is on temporary sale, enjoy!


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