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An exceptional hangover prevention pill. liverGARD is a complex concentrated food, not a drug or herbal mixture. liverGARD is a whole food active created from the edible part of the hybrid artichoke, and sarsaparilla root. A whole food active is a complex extraction of components of regular food products with higher concentrations of the same chemicals that would be found in food. liverGARD will be broken down in the body just as regular food is processed.

liverGARD aids in the elimination process. The liver is the organ responsible for the breakdown of toxins in the body. Alcohol, as it is broken down by the liver, creates toxins that can, and often do, result in flu-like symptoms that are commonly associated with hangovers. liverGARD breaks down the toxins your body creates after consuming alcohol and allows the liver to function more efficiently. liverGARD comes in easy to swallow gel capsules. liverGARD is food. It will be processed by the body just as other foods are.

liverGARD is a flavonoid, polyphenol-rich extract derived from the hybrid artichoke bud, Cynara floridanum, and the root of the sarsaparilla plant, Smilax aristolochiaefolia. This totally unique material has been created by using two plant materials that have been historically used as liver regenerative, detoxify, and blood-purifying agents combined prior to being extracted using a proprietary, two-step method. The proprietary extraction process, obtaining the water and fat-soluble principles, is responsible for high concentrations of active ingredients without using artificial additives, preservatives, stabilizers, or dangerous solvents. This extract is encapsulated in FDA approved gelatin capsules.

liverGARD has been used for over 30 years as a liver support product. This is a great supplement for everyday use, whether one is consuming alcohol or not. The liver is constantly in action helping the body eliminate toxins that are present due to smog, environmental pollutants, cigarette smoke, allergens, and many other sources. Many cigarette smokers use liverGARD on a daily basis to aid the liver in removing harmful toxins associated with tobacco consumption. Some people even use it as a "social drug" detox to cleanse their body of the substances they ingested while partying. To support a healthy liver take 2 to 3 capsules daily with water before meals. The only people that should not take liverGARD are those allergic to either artichokes or sarsaparilla.

What is the Recommended Dosage for liverGARD when drinking alcohol?

3 capsules before you start drinking and 3 capsules when you are finished drinking works great for light to moderate drinking. If you are going to be drinking for extended periods of time or you find yourself consuming an excessive amount of alcohol, then an additional 3 capsules every couple of hours is recommended.

You can of course take liverGARD at any point while your drinking. Many people forget to take liverGARD when they first start drinking and take all 6 of them when they are finished. Although this will help reduce many of the toxins from alcohol consumption and reduce most of the hangover symptoms, this method is only partially effective. Should you forget to take liverGARD when you first start drinking, just start taking them as soon as you remember you do not want a hangover the next day. Once again it is recommended you drink plenty of water while consuming alcoholic beverages. Water will aid liverGARD in flushing those toxins more efficiently.

This author has been using liverGARD since 2002 and I get hangovers easy. For me I take much more then the recommended dosage. It’s a food product so it’s not going to hurt you to take more. But that hangover the next day will hurt if you forget don’t take hangover prevention pills.

Due to a death in the family business, LiverGard stopped being produced in 2016. We don't know if this product will be availabe again. Please check out  our other hangover prevention product HD-1 Premium

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