Panaeolus Cambodginiensis are a common mushroom throughout tropical and subtropical regions of the world. They are especially abundant in SE Asia such as Thailand and Indonesia, and can be found on all caribbean islands and many countries in South America. They are also spread through North America and common in Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana,Mexico,Phillippines as well through Central America and Australia. They can usually be found anywhere livestock such as horse and cows are found with grassy fields. Provided their is adequate moisture from rain or morning dew.

The mushrooms themselves are rather easy to spot as they are white and stand out among the dark dung and green grass.

Panaeolus Cambodginiensis and Pan Cyanescens are common throughout Jamaica as are cubensis. This is a very prolific strain that is becoming quite popular.  Jamaica is one of the countries where psilocybe mushrooms are legal to posses and cultivate! If you happen to be in Negril Jamaica be sure and visit Tedd's Mushroom Shack where you can buy fresh shroom tea and enjoy the tropical beauty of Jamaica with enhanced senses. A quick youtube vidoe of Tedd's mushroom tea. Mushroom tea (with almost any mushroom) is actually very easy to make. This particular strain of panaeolus was mislabeled for many years through the mushroom community. It was previously thought to be a panaeolus cyanescen. It was only through DNA analysis in 2020 that is was identified as Panaeolus Cambodginiensis so we have updated to reflect the correct species name.

Medicinal Properties: Psilocybe mushroom are used to treat migraine headaches and other brain issues. It’s commonly being used by neurologist in Spain, Portugal, Sweden, and Norway . I know this first hand as a friend was being treated for arterial blood clots in her brain and she was given various psilocybin mushrooms weekly by doctors in her treatment. The reason psilocybe mushrooms are used is because they scrub the brain cells and clean them, rejuvenating brain cells.  Sufferers of migraine headaches greatly benefit from these mushrooms as they are well known to eliminate migraines. The worst of this condition, “cluster headaches” has benefited greatly from use of these mushrooms. The spores themselves will not help with migraines as they do not contain the alkaloids used in treating these conditions. 

Microscopic Features: Spores are black in deposit, 12-14 by 7.5-11 µ non-transparent, and without granulations. Basidia 4-spores, occasionally 2-spored. Pleurocystidia fusoid-ventricose, narrowing to an acute apex, 30-60 (80) by 12-17 (25) µ . Cheilocystidia present, 11-15 by 3-5 (6) µ.

Please note that panaeolus spores typically take about 10 days to germinate under a microscope. They also do not do good on MEA agar.

Click on the SPECIFICATIONS tab to learn more about the spores.

We have other Panaeolus species spore prints in stock but not posted on yet. Instructions on how to order them below.

All of these spores are clean lab grows from Jakeoncid 

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Panaeolus Cyanescens Texas (Washington County) $24

Panaeolus Cyanescens Jalisco Mexico  $24

Panaeolus Cambodginiensis Indonesia Komodo Dragon $29

Psilocybe Subtropicals $30

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Panaeolus Cambodginiensis Jamaica Spore Syringe

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