The Panaeolus Cambodginiensis was absent from the mushroom community for many years until mycologist John Allen found some specimens in Cambodia. It wasn't to long after, this great strain from Thailand surfaced. And now another new strain called Sandose. The Sandose spores tend to be more stable then the Goliath strain and easier to view. The Panaeolus Cambodginiensis is macroscopically identical to the panaeolus bispora and grows in the same conditions as the other panaeolus mushrooms. In nature they grow in grassy pastures on the dung of water buffalo, cattle and horses in tropical and subtropical climates. Although they have been reported in other climates as well. This species is thought to be spread through SE Asia subtropics and was reported by John Allen from the island of O'ahu Hawaii in 1993. This species is also found in Florida and Mexico. 

The panaeolus species also shows up in some books as copelandia instead of Panaeolus name. Copelandia refers to panaeolus from tropical regions. This species is an excellent choice for ranches and farmlands as it's a quick dung decomposer. The fungi can break the dung down into rich composted soil, which feeds the grass that the livestock grazes on. The spores are deposited on the grass, which is then eaten by the livestock and deposited around the farm and fungi life cycle continues. Many ranchers have noted the dung smell is reduced when this fungi is present on the land.

An interesting note about the spores and gills of panaeolus mushrooms. This species is known to have a spotted appearance on their gills just prior to being fully mature. This is caused by an uneven ripening of the spore-producing cells (called basidia) on the gill surface.

The most well known medicinal value of these mushrooms is their ability to heal migraine headaches quickly. 

Microscopic Features: SPORES are blackish in deposit, smooth, lemon shaped, 11-16 by 7.5-11 ยต. Basidia 4-spored, rarely 2-spored. Cheilocystidia irregular in form. Pleurocystidia absent.


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We have other Panaeolus species spore prints in stock but not posted on yet. Instructions on how to order them below.

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D Derrick 04/02/2016

Beautiful mushroom to view! Thank you for offering high quality sandose spores!!!

Lisa L. 03/23/2016

Having pasteurized dung is a must for the panaeolus mushrooms. Girls, if you don't want to work with dung don't worry, aged dung that mushrooms likes does not stink. If you still can't handle it make your man do it. Or just go buy some dung based compost from a farmer or at farmers markets and pasteurize it. It smells earthy so don't worry. It's organic, don't panic! The fruits of this species are a dream. Ryche Hawk was very helpful on Twitter to get me going on panaeolus, I'm excited to see what he posts in his blog for growing tips.

Joey 2469 03/23/2016

You're all a bunch of bitches if you don't give these a try! these will make your heart pound with joy!

RTS 03/23/2016

I've been growing pans here in Jamaica for years. This strain is superior to the Goliath, more stable and easier to fruit. The Hawks Eye, well now, has always provided quality spores Some people say pans are hard, but with a little dung in the substrate they are easy. 4X the potency of cubes, I don't even bother with cubes any more.

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Panaeolus Cambodginiensis Sandose Spore PRINT

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