This strain of panaeolus cyanescens comes from the tropical region of Mexico in the Gulf of Mexico known as Huasteca. This strain was discovered during an excursion to Mexico to discover new psilocybe mushroom species. 

This particular strain of panaeolus cyanescens is an aggressive strain and when grown properly can produce nice canopies of extremely potent mushrooms. Our friend Jake from Mexico did some great work with this species and he really has the panaeolus species dialed in. Currently we are selling the purple spored mutant variety of this strain.

Panaeolus species of magic mushrooms are very potent, typically 3X more potent then cubensis. However they are not as easy to grow as cubensis and require some more advanced knowledge. 

The current spore prints of this strain we are shipping out is a rare purple spore mutant substrain. These spores will not be black like pan cyans normally are.

If you live in a country where it’s legal to grow psilocybe mushrooms and you would like to learn more how to grow panaeolus cyanescens or other psilocybin containing panaeolus mushrooms, check out Jakes panaeolus grow guide posted here.

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Panaeolus (Copelandia) Cyanescen Huasteca Mexico Spore PRINT

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