Panaeolus NecD is a new species brought to you by and a creative grower JakeonCid. The panaeolus NecD is a cross between a panaeolus tropicalis mushroom species and the panaeolus cyanescens mushroom species, creating an entirely new species of mushroom, how exciting :) Without going into to much detail how JakeonCid did it, he mated traditionally using a monokaryotic culture from each parent. The parent species used to create the NecD was the panaeolus tropicalis Australia and the panaeolus cyanescens Jalisco Mexico.  

JakeonCid has really mastered growing panaeolus mushrooms and he says the NecD is the best panaeolus he has ever worked with. It's a very aggressive species, fast moving, big and thick with a higher than average potency. The stems are thick for a panaeolus which is really unusual. 

For those that don't understand, yes this species has high concentrations of psilocybin and are "magic mushrooms". The NecD name is short for nec divinos - the wizard. The Wizard has some FUNgi magic waiting for you ;)

July 10th: We have a lot of new spores to add to this week from JakeonCid. Sadly I have put off this project for months, but its time now. Many emails from people waiting to get spores from JakesonCid new species and strains. The data will be posted first so you can at least order them. The pictures will all be posted this week as well. :)

We have limited these spore prints to 5 per customer until we can determine supply and demand. 

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Panaeolus NecD Mushroom Spore Print

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