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The ps. mexicana is another one of the rare mexicana mushrooms strains that produce psilocybin enriched sclerotia also referred to as “magic truffles” or “philosopher stones”. The sclerotia are small nuggets that grow under the soil and is a survival mechanism for the fungi. If conditions get bad and the surrounding mycelia network gets damaged or dies, the sclerotia lies dormant for the conditions to be favorable again and then sends out new mycelium from the sclerotia to continue the organisms life cycle. These magic truffles grow quite easily in nature, in fact they are easier to produce then the actual mushrooms. In 2008 the Netherlands banned psilocybin mushrooms in the famous coffee shops, but not the magic truffles. These magic truffles are still shipped throughout Europe legally and grow kits are sold openly.

In nature the ps. mexicana grows in well manured pastures but never directly on the dung. Typically found in horse or cattle pastures among grass. It’s usually found in temperature ranges from 65F to 80F in sub tropical climates. Spores germinate at the lower temperature range.

Psilocybe Mexicana has an important part in American and Mexico’s history and the modern world for knowledge of magic mushrooms. In 1957 Life magazine published an article on 7 psilocybin mushrooms of Huatla de Jimenez Mexico that were being used by shamans to heal people. After it was published Americans and people from all over the world started flocking to Huatla de Jimenez Mexico to seek out these sacred mushrooms and the famous shaman Maria Sabina. Gringo’s went crazy to get a hold of these psychedelic shrooms and they traveled in droves to Mexico to find them. Little did they know these magic mushrooms grow in most of the United States, including the ps. mexicana. This was the beginning of a psychedelic craze to explore and experience magic mushrooms in the U.S.. Knowledge spread fast as was the spores and literature how to grow them and before you knew it people were finding magic mushrooms growing naturally all over most of the US and other countries as well. A sleeping giant for magic mushrooms had been awoke. Along with this craze for magic mushrooms also came a lot of people eating to many shrooms and having bad trips. To many people ended up in hospital emergency rooms instead of just riding out the bad trip and in 1967 psilocybin was made illegal in the USA and even classified as a schedule 1 drug. Only 10 years after the sleeping giant awoke, the US government made psilocybin illegal without any research done on them first. Not a single person has ever died from eating psilocybin mushrooms and bad trips from eating to many shrooms always wear off in a few hours. A sad day in US history. 

Although psilocybin mushrooms has been used in other cultures for thousands of years, the knowledge for them in most countries had been lost. Thanks to a New York banker, R. Gordon Wasson and his team’s dedication to learn more and document these sacred mushrooms, the story was told through Life Magazine in 1957 and here we are today. The Psilocybe Mexicana had a story to tell to the world, and it’s still being told today. What stories will it whisper to you?

The village in Huatla de Jimenez Mexico is where this story and history took place. We are pleased to have spores of the ps. mexicana from this area of Mexico. Chicon Nindo refers to the name of the mountain peak where these mushrooms grew in the wild, where Maria Sabina lived later in life. The spores to this strain were found about 200 yards from Maria Sabinas house by Piltzintl.  Enjoy spores from a piece of magic mushroom history.

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