The Rusty Whyte cubensis is a popular magic mushroom that has unique characteristics to it giving it a popular following on mushroom grow forums. Many people love this unique cubensis and many claim the RustyWhyte is their favorite of all cubensis. The Rusty Whyte is a cross between our popular AA+ Albino cubensis and the Colombian RUST Spore cubensis. Notice the key word here, RUST SPORE. The color of spores for this cubensis is rust colored instead purplish to brown. Out in nature, God's creation of these wonderful cubensis magic mushrooms do not normally have rust colored spores, they are purplish to brown. The original Colombian rust spore cubensis that was found is a freak of nature.

Although / has been selling spores since 1998, we have always stayed away from the Rusty Whyte and Colombian Rust Spore cubensis due to the rust colored spores. 

 Since so many people like to hunt shrooms in nature, we felt the less people that know a psilocybe cubensis could have rust colored spores, the safer mushroom hunters would be. Less confusion, rumors and bad information spreading around the better off new shroom hunters will benefit. We have changed our position on this theory because this strain of cubensis has become popular over the years and is loved by many. You know the old saying, if you can't beat them join them :)  The deadly galerina marginata mushroom that many confuse for psilocybe mushrooms has rust colored spores. Just remember this cubensis is a freak of nature and while searching for psilocybe mushrooms in nature one should ignore any mushrooms that has rust colored spores . As well we hope none of you with rust colored cubensis spores put these spores out in nature. We are still uncertain why the fascination with odd colored spores in magic mushrooms with so many growers but it seems to be fad that did not go away. We even have our beloved purple spored panaeolus Cyanescens now that growers are enjoying.

Credit for starting this strain of cubensis is given to Pastywhyte going back to 2014 on Pastywhyte worked with it publicly for years then in 2018 he gave a lot of spores to select growers to develop it more. You can read that 2018 post here on You will read how much this cubensis is loved and what a great growing mushroom it is. Many considerate it more potent than the former king, the Penis Envy cubensis. Although lately the Tidal Wave cubensis is considered the reigning king of potency for cubensis. 

Pictures coming later but you can find plenty on link above. These are limited to 2 prints per customer.

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Rusty Whyte Cubensis Mushroom Spore Print

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