Buy X amount and get Y FREE. This applies to mushroom / spore related products only.

This special will be automatically deducted at checkout. No coupon code required. You must add the free items to your cart to get the discount. 

It will be applied as a % percentage. This works out to the customers advantage. For example if you buy 3 Get 1 FREE all items will be discounted at 25% so one is free. The 5th and 6th product will also be discounted 25%. Previously on our past site those additional products were charged full price.  When you bump up to the next pricing tier, that is Buy 6 Get 3 FREE, the percentage discount increases to 33.34%. etc..Also discount will be applied as an AVERAGE to ALL mushroom / spore related products in the cart. The discount will not just apply to the lowest priced products, again this works out to your advantage.

This is our most common special and it applies ONLY to mushroom spore related products. This will not apply to Hangover Prevention Pills or anything in the Microscope category. 

How it works.

Buy 3 Get 1 FREE: Add 4,5 or 6 mushroom/spore related products to your cart and enjoy a 25% discount.

Buy 5 Get 2 FREE: Add 7 or 8 mushroom/spore related products to your cart and enjoy a 28.6% discount.

Buy 6 Get 3 FREE: Add 9 to 13 mushroom/spore related products to your cart and enjoy a 33.34% discount.

Buy 9 Get 5 FREE: Add 14 to 23 mushroom/spore related products to your cart and enjoy a 35.72% discount.

Buy 15 Get 9 FREE: Add 24 or More mushroom/spore related products to your cart and enjoy a 38%% discount on ALL products.

Please DO NOT use the notes box to add free items.  You must add them to the cart if you want the free items.  We will not ship them unless you add them.

Spores can last for years! Stock up and save money! We do offer a 90 day viable guarantee on spore prints and spore syringes. For long term storage it’s best if stored in the refrigerator. Spore prints need to be sealed from moisture before storing in the fridge. Spore prints have been known to last 18 years but that is not the norm. Liquid culture syringes should be used within 3 months of receiving them. Liquid culture syringes absolutely should be stored in the refrigerator unless they will be used soon. We do offer a 60 day gurantee on the liquid culture syringes. 

Mail Order Discounts 

We are offering a new discount for mail orders and bank deposits. 15% for mail orders paying via cash, money order or bank deposits and transfers. Currently this is only set up for Wells Fargo deposits but Bank of America will be set up soon. This 15% discount is temporary specials so get it while it's hot. 

Bitcoin Discount

There is currently a 5% discount for bitcoin purchases. Sometimes this special is not on like when Bitcoin value is fluxating to much. You will know when it's valid by the bitcoin banner disaplying 5% discount and you will see the 5% discount at check out.

Coupon Codes

If you have one our coupon codes from our social media accounts, you apply that under VIEW CART > USE COUPON CODE. If the coupon code is specifically for certain mushroom product, you must add that product to your cart for it to be discounted.  The discount will not be applied to your order if you input this in the notes box and we will not go back and rebill charges and credit it. Use it correctly or lose it. The notes box should only be used to include a 2nd choice in case we run out of stock on your item.