Privacy Policy does not give or sell your personal data to anyone. Did you know malicious hackers purchase those lists too? Apple came out with "hide my email" super cool feature. Go ahead use a specific Apple hide my email here at exclusively and watch for a year, no spam will ever come to that email. Spam is annoying and a big waste of time and we do not participate in that.  The owner has never sent 1 spam email in 22 years, even though hundreds signed up for a newsletter that never came. a big problem with our emails for tracking and order information going to customers spam box so please don't mark our emails as spam. That is the root cause of the issue. If you don't want any emails with your order, just use a fake email. After you receive your order we can delete your data from our shopping cart database. Simply reply to your original email and let us know.

We do not store credit card information on our servers as we can't accept cards for spores due to strict policies by the card GIANTS. All data transmitted between your browser and this server is encrypted SSL. Our customers privacy has always been a priority around here.  If you sign up for our newsletter, nothing will come until we get our tracking number emails out of customers spam boxes. Then maybe once a year a newsletter to say Happy New Year here is 15 percent off. Are you still with me? Let's pretend it is New Year disco time right now in September try this kuupon spamsuks15  What is a kuupon? It's an intentionally misspelled word so the bots move and you get the reward for reading. Good thing you care about privacy or you would not have found that. There is a limited amount so keep it to yourself. ;) If they got used up the FAQ has some hidden treasures too.