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All additional spore syringes and spore prints after this 4 continue to discount at 25% off or 40% off if paid by cash by mail. 

You can ignore the banner that says buy 4 get 1 free, that is an older special.  

You can apply the coupon code under VIEW CART > USE COUPON CODE. 

Long term storage of spores is covered in depth in our FAQ.

Mail Order Discounts 

There is currently a 15% discount for mail orders paid by cash. Details are given at check out when you select the 15% discount mail order by cash payment option. The 15% discount is automatically applied to the cart total so no need to do your own math. :) 

June 17th Crypto update: We are currently not accepting any crypto payments as our crypto processor decided they don't want to process for mushroom spores. Also the crypto markets have been in meltdown along with the stock market so we are holding off a bit until it stabilizes. 

´╗┐Although this happened a lot in the banking industry for mushroom spores and similar products, it was quite a shock for us that a crypto processing company would shy away from mushroom spores.

We will find a new crypto processing solution next week. 

Make sure you have crypto coins in your wallet first before clicking the confirm order button to pay in crypto through the coinpayments app. Otherwise the coin payments app will time out and you will have to start over anyway. You can open up the crypto pay coinpayments gateway to take a look, just don't finalize the order unless you have the crypto coins ready in your wallet.   


VISA made big announcements recently to support crypto currencies!! The Visa option is starting to show up in many crypto coin wallets. They will even open their own exchange soon. Mastercard's ridiculous policies about spores is the reason spore vendors can't accept cards, so we don't support them but that is another story. The good news is you can buy crypto coins with your debit card and send crypto to us :) 

TRUST WALLET is a popular wallet owned by Binance that allows you to buy, store, trade and stake many crypto coins! TRUST WALLET has great reviews and has become very popular with all the new development put in to it.  TRUST WALLET allows you to buy crypto with your debit cards in the USA.

All the crypto exchanges  have to verify your identity first to avoid card fraud and some are fast, some are slow. It's no different than a bank or getting a loan. It's referred to as KYC, Know Your Customer and is a Federal law in the USA. We did learn small card transactions are not required to KYC so that can vary.

 Kraken.com is our #1 pick for crypto exchanges in the USA. They are fast to KYC you and get your account approved and funded.   It usually only takes a few hours even when the market is  busy. Small card transaction usually don't need KYC. Some of these exchanges take a week or more with the KYC process. Kraken.com NOW allows USA Residents to buy crypto with their debit/credit card through Apple Pay and Google Pay. In the Kraken app, Simply choose the cryptocurrency you'd like to buy, enter the amount, and select Apple or Google Pay from the "Pay With" menu. If you don't yet have a card added, you can add one right from the Kraken app. Kraken.com also has a nice app if you prefer using your phone.  THIS IS A LINK TO KRAKEN'S APPLE AND GOOGLE PAY WITH DEBIT CARD INSTRUCTIONS IF YOU NEED MORE HELP.  KRAKEN has a great app as well in the App Store.

I believe there is a 2 or 3 day hold before you can withdraw your crypto (new customers only) but all the exchanges do that to prevent card fraud. Kraken.com is rated in the top 3 best crypto exchanges in the world! 

Gemini.com is usually fast but not always. They are famous for having extremely high security. We had our account verified, debit card verified, and buying crypto coins in 40 minutes. But there is a 2 day hold to send out of the exchange while they wait on the card charge to clear. This is normal these days because of card fraud at exchanges. Gemini charges about 5% in card fees, but no fees to withdraw your crypto off the exchange. Considering the high price of bitcoin miners fees right now, this makes up for the higher card fees. Gemini.com has a real nice app that works as a crypto wallet and you can do everything from within the app. Gemini is a USA based company, trusted and very secure. They also own the popular BlockFi where you can passive interest on your crypto and get a crypto credit card.

Binance.US is another good USA exchange, however there is a 5 day hold on crypto after you buy it there. They are also slow to set up new accounts. But once you get through that it's a great crypto exchange and will pay you interest on select coins just for holding on their platform. 

If you're outside the USA, then Binance.com is the best in the world and most popular. They have most of the popular coins that the USA exchanges don't carry yet. Due to the low fees on various Binance chains there are a few other coins not listed above we can accept. You will need to email us so we can turn specific coins on and off for you. We don't keep them live because so people don't send to the wrong chain and lose their coins. But please orders must be at least $75 for this request. Along with your email request give us a good time of day for you to complete the transaction. 

As much as we love ETH and BTC, fees are little high to send during week days right now. SAVE MONEY $$ sending Binance Coin (BNB) ,Solana (SOL),LiteCoin (LTC) 

However if you're buying crypto on an exchange, they usually have a set fee to send out and they pay the miners fees. 

CASH App by Square is a fast choice for buying Bitcoin, but they don't support other cryptos yet. Cash App is FAST to approve accounts. You will need to upload an ID for the KYC process before you can send your crypto out of your wallet.  

Our worst pick for exchanges is Coinbase. Yes they are one of the biggest in the USA but they are notorious for freezing accounts, especially if they find out your buying spores. I'm not kidding so if you have to talk to anyone in customer service (it takes them a month to reply) don't tell them you bought spores with the crypto. Google it, you will find thousands of complaints on bad customer service for Coinbase. The other big problem is their wallet app is so vague showing you the miner and Coinbase fees you pay to send out crypto. Every time we get a customer that shorts us, 99% of the time they are using Coinbase. Many customers have lost their ETH fees because they didn't send the correct amount and then the transaction gets rejected by the miners and our wallet service. You get a part of your crypto back, less the fees the miners and Coinbase charged you. I can't stress enough how important it is to send the full amount of the order, plus the miners fees and any fees Coinbase is charging you. 

If you find crypto wallets or exchanges that make it fast and easy to buy crypto with debit/credit cards please send us an email and we will post it here.  

October 9th. 

Our crypto payment processor (coin payments) utilizes the Bitcoin Lightning Network !! This is the future of Bitcoin. Lightning Fast transactions and low fees (cents not dollars). And BTC.LN is somewhat anonymous and private as it's off the blockchain.  Bitcoin Lightning Network is built on top of the bitcoin blockchain. You need to have a BTC Lightning wallet that will send your bitcoin across the lightning network. The oldest and most used privacy wallet Electrum supports BTC.LN through the BoltZ exchange! Do not send BTC to the BTC.LN address though or through a normal bitcoin wallet. We will be covering this in our blog later this week including how to  convert BTC, ETH, USDT, LN to BTC.LN anonymously on the new BoltZ exchange. No KYC or accounts needed, BoltZ exchange is doing some really cool stuff and making it easy to exchange your coins. For now if you want to read about this yourself here is some good info and the BoltZ exchange blog.  THE BIGGEST technology coming to the Bitcoin blockchain is TAPROOT November 16th, 2021 (read about it here). This will make using BTC cheaper and faster, bring even more security and privacy, bring smart contracts to the bitcoin blockchain, and make new technologies roll out easier. All of the crypto exchanges will be supporting taproot soon as it rolls out November 16th, 2021. Taproot will also make the lightning network easier to implement worldwide which will benefit everyone as wide scale adoption is built quicker. Twitter is now fully implemented with the bitcoin lightning network so we are seeing mass adoption in mainstream social media. It won't be too much longer before it only cost pennies to send and receive bitcoin. 

Coupon Codes

If you have one of our coupon codes then you apply that at the cart. Click on the cart, then VIEW CART > USE COUPON CODE. If the coupon code is specifically for certain mushroom product, you must add that product to your cart for it to be discounted. The discount will not be applied to your order if you input this in the notes box and we will not go back and rebill charges and credit it. Use it correctly or lose it. The notes box should only be used to include a 2nd choice in case we run out of stock on your item. 


...........Due to the accounting difficulties of crypto coins there are no refunds with crypto coins, no exceptions. Credits to your mushrooms.com account is ok if needed. 

Mushrooms.com does NOT ship spore SYRINGES to the states CALIFORNIA, Georgia, and Idaho due to state laws. Do not send payment or it will be considered a tip. Seriously! Mushrooms.com does NOT ship spore syringes outside the USA, no exceptions. We will ship spore PRINTS to most countries. See our Shipping FAQ for more info.