Buy X amount and get Y FREE. This applies to mushroom / spore related products only.

This special will be automatically deducted at checkout. No coupon code required. You must add the free items to your cart to get the discount. 

This is our most common special and it applies ONLY to mushroom spore related products. This will not apply to Hangover Prevention Pills or anything in the Microscope category. 

How it works.

Buy 5 or More: Add 5 or more mushroom/spore related products to your cart and enjoy a 20% discount. This equates to buy 4 get 1 free.

Please DO NOT use the notes box to add free /discounted items.  You must add them to the cart if you want the discounted items.  We will not ship them unless you add them. The cart will automatically calculates the discount if you add the items.

All additional spore syringes and spore prints after this 5 continue to discount at 20% off or 35% off if a cash by mail order. 

UPDATE: 8-4-20: We are adding a free golden teachers cubensis spore syringe which will discount the price of the spore syringe.

The coupon code for the Golden Teachers is gt. You will need to add the Golden Teachers cubensis spore syringe to the cart and apply the coupon if you want this free spore syringe. 

9-7 update: The Ecuador cubensis spore syringe and the Arenal Volcano spore syringe are now an option for this free spore syringe special. The coupon code for the Volcano syringe is vol and the code for Ecuador spore syringe is ecu. You must add these items to the cart and apply the coupons if you want them included. 

You can apply the coupon code under VIEW CART > USE COUPON CODE.
You will be getting 6 spore syringes for the price of 4 which is about 33%+ off.

You may also combine this special with our mail in cash discount of 15% off to give you a 48% discount!

Long term storage of spores is covered in depth in our FAQ.

Mail Order Discounts 

There is currently a 15% discount for mail orders paid by cash. Details are given at check out when you select the 15% discount mail order by cash payment option. 

Coupon Codes

If you have one our coupon codes from our social media accounts, you apply that under VIEW CART > USE COUPON CODE. If the coupon code is specifically for certain mushroom product, you must add that product to your cart for it to be discounted.  The discount will not be applied to your order if you input this in the notes box and we will not go back and rebill charges and credit it. Use it correctly or lose it. The notes box should only be used to include a 2nd choice in case we run out of stock on your item.