Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

You agree that discounted items and coupons must be used at the time of purchase and in the appropriate box, NOT in the notes box. You understand we will not include these discounted items or go back and change your charges. If you want these discounts they must be included at the time of check out when you complete the order. If you don't add them to the cart there is nothing to discount. Discounted items must be added to the cart for the discount to be applied and coupons must be used in the coupon code box, NOT in the comments box. Further information on our discounts are posted under the specials section.

MUSHROOMS.COM does NOT ship spore syringes outside the United States. If you place an order for spore syringes outside the USA will only ship spore prints. Mushrooms.com will NOT refund crypto coin orders. With Zelle orders there is no cancelling or refunds once you send the Zelle. No cancelling of mail orders or crypto coin orders. No cancelling or refunds for MAX REDEMPTION orders paid by debit or credit card. CRYPTO COIN ORDERS: We will not even consider refunds on these due to the accounting complexity of crypto. We can either ship you a different product or credit your mushrooms.com account for future orders.  Please note we are always shipping orders before we can get to emails so most of the time we can't change orders either. Apple Cash is the only payment method we can easily refund, if your order has not been shipped. Orders paid through MAX REDEMPTION we get charged about 15% for the initial order, and a refund, so we won't do it. Be sure you want to make an order before paying for it. Crediting your mushrooms.com is an option if you want the order shipped later. 


If you live in an apartment or similar, but sure and write on the 2nd line of the address APT. For example if you live in Apartment 10, don't just put 10, put APT. 10. This is correct address formatting in the United States. If you grew up and were educated in the USA you should know this :) The post office scanners get confused when the word Apt. or Apartment is missing and simply a number is listed. If they return it you will have to cover the new shipping cost, so use proper American address formatting for your address. Same goes for Unit, Floor etc..Building numbers is usually not necessary for addresses in Apartment complexes. 

If you give the wrong order ID and your order gets shipped to the wrong customer it's your loss. We do try and reach out to see if the other person is willing to pay for their newly found free spores but if not you will need to pay for a new order. Take your time, give the right order ID. We see about 4 orders per month with the wrong order ID, no telling how many get by us. 

Our policy on spore syringes and bacteria, dead spores and replacements.

Spore syringes really aren’t good for using agar. Some times they will show bacteria on agar, yet when you put them directly to grain there is no signs of bacteria. On agar, the mushroom mycelium can not compete against the trace amounts of bacteria. But once put directly to grain, the mycelium easily outcompetes the trace amounts of bacteria and grows on the healthy mycelium. We learned this from Paul Stamets, one of the greatest mycologist of our generation. Because of this we don’t recommend using spore syringes on agar, unless you happen to be using gentamicin sulfate antibiotic powder. We use gentamicin in our agar for testing spore syringes. So our test batches will not show bacteria. Yours might show bacteria on agar if you’re not using gentamicin. Gentamicin is hard to find but you can find it at here at ShroomSupply.com. If you want to use agar for strain isolation etc.. or making liquid cultures, then we recommend using spore prints. 
You should also be aware that using too much spore solution on agar will cause bacteria. Only a few drops is needed. If you still want to use spore syringes on agar, then use gentamicin for best results. 

About 1 in 100 spore prints will naturally have trace amounts of bacteria. Once we combine many spore prints in our batch spore solution, this could cause trace amounts of bacteria in some batches of spore solution. 

Because of this we will not replace spore syringes from customers claiming to see bacteria on agar.  We never make spore syringes that show bacteria or molds etc in our test results with gentamicin. Although on occasion we do accidentally contaminate a batch during the syringe making process, it’s just part of the business. However that error leads to green mold, trichoderma, not bacteria.

We only see this error about twice per year so it's rare we make this mistake. We do use batch #’s on all our our syringe labels. There is 80 spore syringes per batch made. We want you to write down the batch #’s of your spore syringes before you throw them away. If we get enough complaints from customers on one particular batch, that tells us the problem is on our end and not the customers end. In that case we will replace them for free along with some free spores for the troubles. Most of the problems in this hobby come from the substrate itself, not the spore syringes. If molds or bacteria are present in the grains and water from the spore syringe is added, it’s going to accelerate the contamination process. This does not mean the mold or bacteria came from the spore syringe itself. We spend a lot of time testing our spore solution before each small batch of spore syringes is made. It’s a big waste of time and money for us if we send out spore syringes that are contaminated. We throw that solution out and take the loss. We are only making spore syringes from batches that went through a 3 week testing process and did pass on agar with gentamicin. If the mycelium looks healthy and vigorous on our agar, it’s going to do great on properly prepared grain. 

These days more and more people are using agar for strain isolation but most people still want to use spore syringes on agar instead of spore prints. Again I remind you, any spore syringe that might show bacteria on agar will 99% of the time not show bacteria when put directly to grain. 

Our policy when customers claim to have a problem with spore syringes is:

  1. We want to the know the batch # on the spore syringe label. If you don’t have this we will not consider replacing it. 
  2. What kind or color of contamination are you seeing?
  3. Are you using agar or grain? 
  4. Provide pictures of the contamination

We do keep track of any complaints. If no other complaints have come in over the last month then we know it’s not a problem on our end. We will keep your order ID and contact information on file and if several other complaints come in on the same batch # then we will contact you to send out free replacements. The only sure way we know if the problem spore syringe batch is on our end and not yours is when lots of customers mention the same batch # is bad. Thus we require that batch # from you if you want us to consider replacing it for free.

Mushrooms.com and all of our associates through our supply chain has been working with mushrooms for over 2 decades! There is over 100 years of experience if you combine all of our time in this field. This is not some new business or hobby for us and we take a lot of pride in quality and great genetics and clean viable spores and cultures.

I will also address spores that do not germinate. There are several factors that can cause this. Extreme weather in the winter or summer can kill the spores. This is more common in spore syringes than spore prints. In the winter, frozen spore syringes creates ice crystals in the spore solution that usually kills the spores. In the summer, extreme heat for long periods of time can damage or kill the spores. Such as leaving your spores in the mail box for too long in the hot summer sun. Other factors do include bacteria in the substrate that will prevent mycelium from growing. As well too wet or to dry of a substrate can stunt or stop growth. Also not having your temperature correct for the species can cause spores not to germinate. For example cold weather species need much cooler temps then sub tropical species just to germinate. Temperatures can be adjusted after the spores germinate. 

We want you to be successful with your hobby and be blessed with muShrooms. There are so many variations to this hobby that can cause a mushroom project not to work. We have failed grows all the time, like around 5%. Mushroom mycelium contaminates easily indoors, it’s just the nature of domesticating a wild fungi. 

Out in nature mycelium has natural microorganisms protecting and working with the fungi. That symbiotic relationship with nature is lost when the mycelium is grown indoors, thus it has potential to contaminate. We do offer discounted replacements on spore syringes when your project fails so keep that in mind. However we will not replace spore syringes for free unless we are convinced the problem was on our end after many customer complaints of the same batch number. We will also not replace spore syringes just because they showed bacteria on agar or LC solution. When a bad batch of spore syringes is sent out on our end, we usually get 10 to 20 complaints over a 2 to 3 week period. Once number 4 comes in we will consider it an issue on our end send you out a free replacements. If you don’t want to wait, we will replace them for you for $10 each plus shipping. Or option 2, you can make a new order and we will match a free spore syringe with a paid spore syringe. Our policy here is to replace with the same strain you had an issue with.

Another tip about storage of colonizing grain jars. They should not be stored 2 feet from the floor or near air vents. This will greatly reduce the risk of your grain getting contaminated. They should be stored in clean areas away from foot traffic and preferably draft free. Don’t fret if your project fails, set backs in this hobby happen all the time. Blessed are those who persist and have patience with mushrooms :)

We do offer a 60 day guarantee on spore syringes and spore prints. We offer a 30 day guarantee on liquid culture syringes. You must contact us with any problems within this time frame to be considered for replacements. 

You agree the temperatures are above freezing in your state when you ordered the spores. You are aware we do not replace frozen spores or cultures for free. If you live in an area that is experiencing below freezing temperatures from the nearest major airport to your city, then it’s recommended you pay $5 for the 4 day warmer and Express mail shipping upgrade. The warmers only stay warm for 96 hours so you still need to get the package out of the mail box when delivered. The post office does not gurantee Priority mail. They only guarantee Express Mail within 2 days. (US Post office has temporarily suspended the 2 day money back guarantee until Feb 25th due to major weather events around the USA)

You agree that if you use wild substrates such as straws, dung, compost, wood chips etc to grow edible mushrooms that you will not blame us if other mushrooms grow. Other mushroom spores can be present in your wild substrates. Other mushroom spores can be present in your grains if not properly sterilized. Our growers take a lot of precautions to make sure no cross spore contamination occurs. We do sell many wild collected spores as well but we carefully keep the species separated which is a lot of extra work to prevent mixing spores.

You agree that you will give the correct shipping address. Some times answering emails are 3 to 4 days behind us shipping orders (yes we ship fast around here). If you give the wrong address it's on you. You will be responsible to pay the new shipping if your order gets returned for your mistake. If you need to change an address don't pay for the order until you get a reply through email that we changed the address. Only one email is necessary,  we will get to it.

You agree not to use our photos on mushrooms.com on other web sites or commercial advertising.

You agree that you do not have allergies to the mushroom products you are ordering and you will not hold mushrooms.com responsible if you do have allergies to mushrooms or spores.

You agree that you do not have allergies to the ingredients in our hangover prevention products and if you do have allergies you will not hold us responsible. 

You agree that if the tracking number for your package shows it was delivered, then it was delivered to the address you provided when you placed the order. If you have any grievances with this, you will take it up with the U.S. Post Office. The post office tracking numbers we send you will only stay active on the USPS.com web site for 60 days. If you have a problem with delivery you need to contact your local post office. Returned orders we only hold for 90 days then those spores are given away free. Your order is considered null and void at that point. 

You understand USPS Priority mail can take longer then 3 days. There is no delivery time guarantee. If you want a guarantee from the post office select EXPRESS MAIL for a 2 day gurantee. Also this is from the time we ship it, not from the time you place your order.  By placing an order you have read our Delivery FAQ and agree to all the delivery information and warnings in listed in the Delivery FAQ

Currently with far less airplanes in the air, we don't recommend orders outside the USA. Mail is slower now and with the spread of corona virus, many countries mail systems are far less organized. We will ship the spore prints, but with no guarantee for delivery. We will not replace lost orders outside the USA. Only USA orders have tracking #'s and those we will replace. For non USA orders, order at your own risk. Also for non USA orders we ONLY ship spore prints.

Please note we do NOT ship Psilocybe spores to California, Georgia and Idaho due to state laws. Do not send payment or it will be considered a tip. On July 13th 2020 we listed this under all our payment options (excluding the bitcoin app) so there should be no reason people are still ignoring this policy. We waste too much time with emails and refunding customers which cost us money in labor to invest this time. After July 13th 2020 any orders from these states are now considered tips, OR you give us an address out of your state to ship the order to. 

We reserve the right to substitute spore strains and species. We do run out of stock from time to time and we do not hold orders and / or email customers to see what they want to change to. Most of time customers do not answer their emails so it is our policy to substitute for a similar strain and ship the order out. You are welcome to use the message box at check out when you place your order to include 2nd choice strains. Thank you for understanding. 

You agree to the terms in our RETURN POLICY posted here.

Taxes. You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for determining, paying, withholding, filing, and reporting all taxes, duties, and other governmental assessments associated with your purchasing from this web site in the state of Arizona. We are not responsible for determining whether you owe taxes in connection with your access to or use of the Services or for collecting, reporting, or remitting taxes arising from your access to or use of the Services, except for our own income taxes.

Disclaimer: We sell psilocybe mushroom spores for microscopy and identification purposes, as a food seasoning and forms of creative art (see the spore print in our logo). All information on this web site related to psilocybe mushrooms is for reference and informational purposes and protected under freedom of speech and we do not condone you partake in any illegal activities. What you do with the spores and information is up to you, but we do not condone you do anything illegal if you decide to purchase spores. Spores are sold for legal microscopy and identification purposes only. Please check your local laws regarding spores before purchasing them and most important, adhere to those local laws. Thank You.