Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

You agree that discounted items and coupons must be used at the time of purchase and in the appropriate box, NOT in the notes box. You understand we will not include these discounted items or go back and change your charges. If you want these disocunts they must be included at the time of check out when you complete the order. If you don't add them to the cart there is nothing to discount. Discounted items must be added to the cart for the disocunt to be applied and coupons must be used in the coupon code box, NOT in the comments box. Further information on our discounts are posted under the specials section.

These specials have been discontinued even though they show on the banners. We will update our banners soon. Thank you for understanding. 

Buy 6 Get 3 FREE: Discontinued. Add 9 or more spore syringes to the cart and they will all be discounted 30%

Buy 9 Get 5 FREE: Discontinued. Add 9 or more spore syringes to the cart and they will all be discounted 30%

Buy 15 Get 9 FREE: Discontinued. Add 9 or more spore syringes to the cart and they will all be discounted 30%

You agree not to use stolen credit card numbers on mushrooms.com or you will be held financially responsible and realize we do call the police in your area and report the shipping name and address for credit card fraud and the stolen items shipped to that address. 

By placing an order order at mushrooms.com you agree that if you have any problems with your order you will contact us first as opposed to trying a chargeback. In those rare cases their is a problem we fix it. Even when it’s the customers fault. Be easy going with us and we will be easy going with you.

You agree that if you use wild substrates such as straws, dung, compost, wood chips etc to grow edible mushrooms that you will not blame us if other mushrooms grow. Other mushroom spores can be present in your wild substrates. Other mushroom spores can be present in your grains if not properly sterilized. Our growers take a lot of precautions to make sure no cross spore contamination occurs. We do sell many wild collected spores as well but we carefully keep the species seperated which is a lot of extra work to prevent mixing spores.

You agree not to use our photos on mushrooms.com on other web sites or commercial advertising.

You agree that you do not have allergies to the mushroom products you are ordering and you will not hold mushrooms.com responsible if you do have allergies to mushrooms or spores.

You agree that you do not have allergies to the ingredients in our hangover prevention products and if you do have allergies you will not hold us responsible. 

You agree that if the tracking number for your package shows it was delivered, then it was delivered to the address you provided when you placed the order. If you have any grievances with this, you will take it up with the U.S. Post Office.

You understand USPS Priority mail can take longer then 3 days. There is no delivery time guarantee. If you want a guarantee from the post office select EXPRESS MAIL for a 2 day gurantee. Also this is from the time we ship it, not from the time you place your order.  By placing an order you have read our Delivery FAQ and agree to all the delivery information and warnings in listed in the Delivery FAQ

You agree to the terms in our RETURN POLICY posted here.

Taxes. You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for determining, paying, withholding, filing, and reporting all taxes, duties, and other governmental assessments associated with your purchasing from this web site in the state of Arizona. We are not responsible for determining whether you owe taxes in connection with your access to or use of the Services or for collecting, reporting, or remitting taxes arising from your access to or use of the Services, except for our own income taxes.

Disclaimer: We sell psilocybe mushroom spores for microscopy and identification purposes, as a food seasoning and forms of creative art (see the spore print in our logo). All information on this web site related to psilocybe mushrooms is for reference and informational purposes and protected under freedom of speech and we do not condone you partake in any illegal activities. What you do with the spores and information is up to you, but we do not condone you do anything illegal if you decide to purchase spores. Spores are sold for legal microscopy and identification purposes only. Please check your local laws regarding spores before purchasing them and most important, adhere to those local laws. Thank You.