Delivery Information

United States Shipping Information

We ship orders through the U.S. Postal Service at least 4 days per week. You will have an option at check out for 3+ day Priority Mail, or 1 to 2 day Express Mail. There is also an option to add a 4 day warmer to the package for $4 during the winter months. These prices also apply to USA Territories. We are not offering warmers currently as it's too warm locally for them.

Shipping Costs:

USPS Priority Mail  $8.30 (20 syringes or less)(Average delivery time is 2 to 4 days; no time guarantee by the US Post Office)

USPS Priority Mail  $12.30 with 4 Day WARMER(16 syringes or less)(Average delivery time is 2 to 4 days; no time guarantee by the US Post Office)

USPS Priority Mail $13.99 (21+ syringes)(Average delivery time is 2 to 4 days no time guarantee by the US Post Office)

USPS Priority Mail $17.99 with 4 day warmer (16+ Syringes)(Average delivery time is 2 to 4 days; no time guarantee by the US Post Office)

USPS Express Mail $29.99 (20 syringes or less)(Average delivery time is 1 to 2 days with 2 day guarantee by the US Post Office)

USPS Express Mail with 4 day warmer $29.99 (15 syringes or less)(Average delivery time is 1 to 2 days with 2 day guarantee by the US Post Office)

USPS Express 21+ Syringes $49(Average delivery time is 1 to 2 days with 2 day guarantee by the US Post Office)

Delivery times are from the day we drop off the package at USPS and they scan it in. We drop off orders at USPS at least 3 days per week.


If you live in an apartment or similar but sure and write on the 2nd line of the address APT. For example if you live in Apartment 10, don't just put 10, put APT. 10. This is correct address formatting in the United States. If you grew up and were educated in the USA you should know this :) The post office scanners get confused when the word Apt. or Apartment is missing and only a number is listed. If they return it you will have to cover the new shipping cost so use proper American address formatting for your address. Same goes for Unit, Floor etc..Building numbers are usually not necessary for addresses in Apartment complexes. 


First Class mail delivery time is 8-30 days depending on the country for $17.95 (no tracking number). It is not cost effective for us to stand in long lines at the post office for international registered mail with tracking numbers unless an order has at least 3 spore prints. Secure registered mail with tracking numbers for orders with 3 prints or more are done by request only. If you want a tracking number, leave a note in the message box during check out when you create the order. Registered mail does usually take a week or 2 longer to deliver however they are secure. This service will require you to sign for the letter by your local post office.

Mail is slower now and with the spread of corona virus, many countries mail systems are far less organized. We will ship it, but with no guarantee for delivery. We will not replace lost orders outside the USA. Only USA orders have tracking #'s and those we will replace if lost in the mail. For non USA orders, order at your own risk. However you can request a tracking # on orders with at least 3 spore prints.

Because of this we are also shipping to far less countries now. We have removed the option to order to many countries because too many letters were disappearing. We have removed countries we have had problems with or are unsure how good their mail system is. These are the countries we will currently ship spore prints too. American Samoa,Andorra,Australia,Austria,Bahamas,Belgium,Belize,Bermuda, Saint Eustatius and Saba,Canada,Canary Islands,Christmas Island,Costa Rica,Croatia,Czech Republic,Denmark,Faroe Islands,Fiji,Finland,France,French Polynesia,Germany,Guam,Hungary,Ireland,Israel,Italy,Japan,Luxembourg,Monaco,Netherlands,New Zealand,Norway,Poland,Portugal,Philippines,Puerto Rico,Saint Lucia,Samoa,South Korea,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland,Ukraine,United Kingdom and most of the Caribbean Islands.

USA orders please include an email address with your order. You will receive an email with your tracking number the day your order is mailed out. If you do not receive this email, check your spam folder. ALL USA orders will receive a tracking number so PLEASE include an email address. We do not spam or sell your email address to anyone.....EVER! We are planning to change the whole non USA shipping to USPS with tracking soon. 

What is General Delivery? This is a service the U.S. Post Office offers so a person can pick up their mail at select locations by showing and ID. We have covered this in more detail in our general FAQ. 

Delivery Problems: If you see any problem with delivery with your tracking number the first thing you need to do is call your local post office and try and fix the problem before they return the package to us. There is nothing we can do on our end, the problem will be on your end. We ship the package to the exact name and address you typed in, we do not change anything. If you give us a bad name or address and your package gets returned to  us, you will need to pay the new shipping charge. This is a waste of time for us to deal with this problem so please catch your package at your local post office before it gets returned. The post office will not reship a package for free if it was not their fault. They will only reship it for free if the name and address stay exactly the same. The post office also offers a “redirect” service if you need to change the address once shipped, by calling them at 1-800-ask-usps.

Common Delivery Problems: The common reasons packages gets returned is for giving a name that is not registered with the post office as living their. If you’re staying at a friends house and your name is not on the mail box, then send it in your friends name care of your name. It’s the U.S. Post Office policy to only deliver to names listed on the mail box.

The big message box during check out is NOT for your postman, he will not see it. The only thing they sees is the small space under your name on the shipping label. During check out on your shipping address, below your name it says company, sometimes used for a business name. You can put small message for the postman on that line such as "leave at backdoor please". I think it will do 50 characters.

How Do I Pay for A Returned Order?

That information is posted here

Do you ship to PO BOX’s?: YES

Do you ship through UPS or FED EX?: NO. UPS has destroyed to many of our packages in the past. Also these 2 shipping services are 3 times the cost of The US Post Office. 

What Size is the Package for US orders?

We use either USPS small flat rate box (5 3/8" x 8 5/8" x 1 5/8")or medium flat rate box and envelopes, depending on the size of your order. For example 4+ hangover prevention pill bottles and 60ml liquid culture syringes usually require the larger box.  

Do I need warmers with my spores? 

We are NOT offering warmers currently as it's too warm locally. The warmers are only needed if it’s below 32F in your area from the nearest major airport. Spores are fine at at these low temperatures, it’s just not good if spore syringes get frozen solid as that can kill the spores.  Spore prints can handle the freezing temperatures much better since they are not frozen in ice crystals. After all spores do freeze and thaw in nature. Something about being frozen in the water usually kills them. The warmers will only last for 4 days. If you live in a rural area that Priority Mail does not usually show up in 3 to 4 days, we recommend Express Mail. Also the post randomly picks packages to be very late on from November until February last year. All the shipping services are maxed out right now. You must also think about the travel time from the nearest major airport to your zip code icanread. Remember during times of major winter storms in your area the mail system will be slowed down and Express Mail might be necessary to meet the 4 day warmer window. 

We did some tests with the 3 day warmers. (We are now using 4 days warmers as of November 23rd 2018). Package delivered on the 2nd day in 19F weather. The spores and warmer were laser temped upon delivery and the warmer was 63F an syringes 53F. The packages were left outdoors all night in much colder weather of around 5F, and they did not freeze solid as the warmers kept them warm enough to prevent freezing. So if you can't be there when delivered, the warmers will keep them warm until you get home. The warmers do require oxygen to work so we put small holes in the box. However we do not recommend ordering spore syringes if its below 10F in your area. As the warmer ends its 4 day cycle, the warming abilities diminish. If it's below 10F in your area then it probably best to pay for overnight express mail, or be patient for warmer weather. will not add the warmers to the shipping options until late October as it's to warm locally for warmers.

What if my spores get frozen solid when delivered?: A sign of dead spores is no life under a microscope. We can NOT monitor the weather all over the USA. It’s the customers responsibility to order spores when the weather is warm enough in your area. Remember severe winter storms cuts off traffic and can delay post office deliveries. If it goes past 4 days the warmer will stop working. Use your judgement, if the post office can't deliver mail then hold off on ordering spores. Even after all these warnings and the option for the warmers, if it still happens to you then we will replace them for a small fee. Having a warmer in your order will not make the cultures and spores to hot. Except in the summer which is why we don't add the warmers when it's to hot locally, usually from May through October.

Are mushroom spores and cultures sensitive to high heat?  YES!

Mushrooms spores can handle high heat for short periods of time but not long sustained times. Summer heat is very hard on spores and can kill or damage them if left in a hot mail box or car to long. Inside a mail box out in the sun can easily reach 140F+ in some climates. If you live in a hot climate, be sure and bring the spores indoors as soon as delivered. A PO BOX can be opened for only $7 per month. General Delivery to your local post office is another FREE option. See our FAQ for more information on General Delivery. This way the spores wait indoors at the post office in air conditioning. Other things to consider is how long is the drive from your nearest major airport to your city. 

As well not leaving the spores in your car while you run errands. We can not monitor the weather all over the USA. We can not monitor if a customer will actually be home to get the package out of the hot mail box when delivered. It’s the customers responsibility to order spores and cultures when the temperature in your area is not to hot. If temperatures are above 100F you should not leave them outdoors in a mail box.

It doesn’t happen often but at least a few orders per month in the summer get over heated and usually in Florida. We will not replace them for free but we will replace them for a small fee or free with a new order. Follow our suggestions and this problem can be avoided.

Why does my tracking number show the package is stuck in Phoenix?

There are 2 reasons this happens.

1. This happens more frequently in the winter months. What happens is due to major storms in your area the nearest major airport was closed on the day we dropped off your package at the post office. When the post office gets to backed up they load the packages on trucks and drive them.  When this happens delivery can take 7-10 days even for Priority Mail. When ever we see major winter storms hitting parts of the USA, then we usually hold off on shipping orders into those states for a few days until the news show the airports are opening again. If you know the airports in your area are going to be closed for a big storm, we recommend you hold off on placing the order, or just put a note on the order to wait a week to ship the order. There is a message box during check out. We see that message after an order is paid and we are packing it up to ship it out. 

2. When the shipping destination is close to Phoenix, the post office usually does not fly the packages instead they go on a truck. The tracking number will update when it gets close to a main U.S. Post Office hub.

International (NON USA) Shipping 

Do you ship your products to other countries besides the USA?

The only products we ship outside the USA is spore PRINTS.

They are sent via standard mail through the US Post Office which connects with your countries post office, with no tracking number. If we add tracking numbers then they also require a customs label showing they are mushroom spores. Please note, spores should not be frozen solid. If you live in a country where it's freezing in the winter you are at risk of losing the spores to extreme weather. Since we send small envelopes we can not add warmers. We will NOT replace damaged spores from bad weather on NON USA orders. Order at your own risk! Or just wait until the weather is good in your country. 

If you live in a non English speaking country, then put your name and address in your countries native language in the CUSTOMER COMMENTS box at check out. It has to be in English in the form, but we can also tape a piece of paper to your letter under the English address in your countries native language. We believe this is part of the problem with lost international letters going to non native English speaking countries. For many years many international letters have disappeared in the mail system. Only recently did we realize this probably has to do with language barriers. 

Currently standard mail delivery time is 8-30 days depending on the country for $17.95 

We have no control if customs will take your letter. A handful of island countries are more strict about seed imports so customs might throw them in the trash. On the spore print label baggie it will have an edible mushroom name such as oyster mushroom spores. On the foil will be written an acronym such as GT for the correct strain. For example GT=Golden Teachers. Standard letters are sent to look like a personal letter, no customs label required. Don't complain about no tracking # because tracking #'s require a customs label showing they are mushroom spores. It's the trade off for privacy.

What is the business name on packages you send?