Return Policies

Return policy varies depending on the product.

If your mushroom spores or culture products are damaged during shipping, then you must text a photo of the damaged product within 7 days of delivery.  Make sure the picture is clear to see any damage such as cracks in the syringes.

Spores and liquid culture syringes are an organic matter and we look at these on case by case basis. We do not offer refunds on these products but we do offer free or discounted replacements. Their is no way we can guarantee that you will be successful at growing gourmet mushrooms. Their are many variables to this hobby and we can not guide you through the process. We do guarantee our spores are clean, viable and are of high quality. All of our spore syringes and liquid culture syringe batches are tested thoroughly under a microscope before we go through all the work of loading them in syringes. The syringes will have a quality control batch number on it. We suggest you type a note in your phone of the batch # as we will not consider free replacements without that.  We log any complaints we receive regarding dead spores. If we get several complaints about the same strain and batch number being bad, we will replace your spores for free and give you additional free spore samples. You must contact us via email within 90 days of delivery if you have any problems. No batch #, no freebies, only discounts on replacements per our terms and conditions.

After many years in this industry, we can tell you 99% of the problems in this hobby come from the substrate, not the spores. We do realize customers make mistakes from time to time and we do have an accident forgiveness policy. Basically we offer very discounted replacements so you can try again. You will need to email us your order number for approval of the discounted replacements. Order numbers can be found in your confirmation email or logging into your account. Basically we replace cubensis spores and LC's for $8 each and exotic spores for $10 each.

We want you to be happy with our spores so we are easy going around here when customers make mistakes.