About Us

The owner handles the business personally as he takes great pride in keeping mushrooms.com running smoothly and making sure customers are happy. He also enjoys getting out in nature and searching for mushrooms, especially in beautiful tropical locations. Chasing fungi was not what he got his college degree in, but life is full of turns and surprises. Now he owns a cool web site. The owner and his colleagues are all very passionate about fungi and enjoy the challange of constantly learning new aspects of fungi and mushrooms, they always have someting to teach us. It's not just a business, it's a fun and rewarding hobby.

The owner and his family are Christians and strongly believe this business has been a blessing from God. Fungi, mushrooms, spores are a blessing from God. They are His creation and we are merely messengers spreading knowledge and moving spores and cultures around His earth. We stand before The Creator, humble and true to His creation. The owner starting faithfully giving to Christian charities to help feed hungry people in America, Israel and Africa through the 5 star charity OperationBlessing.org. As well he donates money to help fight the evil of human trafficking (rape) through charities like the A21 Campaign and The Dream Center Human Trafficking Program of Los Angeles, California.  He also donates money to the awesome Christian TV station God.TV. God TV is spreading the good news of Jesus around the world through satellite TV with some very cool Christian conferences and events globally. We also tithe to our local Christian church which benefits the local community. There is a lot of hurting people in the world who need our help. The governments of the world can't keep up, look at the refuge crisis in Europe. It's up to mankind to step up and donate money or time to help change the world a little at a time. We can all make an impact together.

Fungi is God’s amazing creation and without His creation we would not have this fun business. It’s the right thing to do to follow God’s financial laws and give back. So when you make a purchase here at mushrooms.com, some of the profit will go to a great charity! You're purchase here has a divine ending to help others.

You the customer are part of the blessing and we greatly appreciate your business.
We know God’s amazing fungi will be a blessing in your life as well.

Let God In!


Seek HIM and HE will be there!