About Us

The owner handles the spore business personally as he takes great pride in keeping mushrooms.com running smoothly and making sure customers are happy. He also enjoys getting out in nature and searching for mushrooms, especially in beautiful tropical locations. Or riding his e-bike locally all day to search for mushrooms in nature. Sometimes he even brings his 2 miniature pincher dogs too sniff out truffles. Although they don't get much practice they are fun mascots for mushrooms.com. Chasing fungi was not what he got his college degree in, but life is full of turns and surprises. This business started in 1998 and currently there are no plans to stop anytime soon. The owner and his colleagues are all very passionate about fungi and enjoy the challenge of constantly learning new aspects of fungi and mushrooms as they always have something to teach us. It's not just a business, it's a fun and rewarding hobby.

The owner strongly believes this business has been a blessing from God. Fungi, mushrooms, spores are a blessing from God. They are His creation and we are merely messengers spreading knowledge and moving spores and cultures around His earth. We stand before The Creator, humble and true to His creation. The owner started faithfully giving to Christian charities to help feed hungry people in America and Israel through the 5 star charity OperationBlessing.org. As well he donates money to help fight the evil of human trafficking (rape) through charities like the A21 Campaign and The Dream Center Human Trafficking Program of Los Angeles, California. He also donates money to the awesome Christian TV station God.TV. Broadcast on DirectTV and Youtube. God TV is spreading the good news of Jesus around the world through satellite TV with some very cool Christian conferences and events globally.

A word from the owner, aka Ryche Hawk. Around 2015 a major christian transformation happened in my life when I discovered different ministries where many healing miracles were happening. As well, true prophets of God were getting words from Him that were accurate. The presence of Jesus and Holy Spirit were so powerful in these conferences I knew I was forever changed as a Christian. No more "popular" but somewhat boring churches with no miracles happening for me after that. These were true revival gatherings I discovered. There is so much laughter in these conferences and I've seen entire rooms of people laid out on the floor "drunk in Holy Spirit". Not everyone is affected  when Holy Spirit comes into a room and makes them "drunk".  My wife is very sensitive to it and several times she's been laid out on the ground for hours having encounters with God.  I've probably witnessed over 5,000 healing miracles by 2022. I've had evangelists pull me out of a crowd of thousands of spectators and prophecy over me events of the past only God and I knew, and tell me things of the future that have come true. (That was Jeremy Nelson). I've prayed over some people in Jesus name that received a miracle healing and I'm no doctor, I can't heal anyone. But Jesus healed them because I prayed with faith and love and used my authority in Jesus. I currently take time to randomly pray for people on the streets when God gives me a nudge about someone. God is GOOD! I could go on and on about all the amazing miracles I have seen since I started going to "revival" meetings. If you want to experience revival meetings in person it happens in San Diego 4 nights a week by Jeremy Nelson and the Fire and Glory Outpouring. I've been there a dozen times, it's amazing. You can also watch it on youtube as they broadcast it live 4 nights a week. If you're new to the channel, try and watch when Jeremy is preaching, he's so funny and a true prophet of God, and fully operating in the gifts of the Spirit, Acts 2. Did I mention the music there is awesome too. We have revival conferences here in Chandler Arizona too through David Herzog ministries. They hold 4 day conferences about 5 times a year, check the schedule here. They always bring in outstanding evangelists speakers and it's never boring. Great Christian rock music with lots of dancing, lots of laughter and miracles, and most important the presence of Jesus. Both of these ministries have been on the #1 Christian TV show Sid Roth It's Supernatural, which is how I learned about them to begin with. If you want an encounter with Jesus then get on an airplane and go to either of these 2 ministries events, you will not be disappointed. I'm rarely miss the Chandler Herzog conferences so I can meet you if you decide to come visit.

Coming soon to mushrooms.com, I will personally be taking time out each week to prayer for my customers who express a need for healing or deliverance prayer. This will be done over a free video conference.

There is a lot of hurting people in the world who need our help. The governments of the world can't keep up, look at the refuge crisis in Europe. It's up to mankind to step up and donate money or time to help change the world a little at a time. We can all make an impact together. It only takes ONE to spread God's Holy fire.

As for psilocybe mushrooms themself they are HIS creation and although I've had many deep spiritual connections with God on them they are not needed to access God. Being "drunk in the spirit" feels like a mild mushroom buzz in my opinion.

Fungi is God’s amazing creation and without His creation we would not have this fun business. It’s the right thing to do to follow God’s financial laws and give back. So when you make a purchase here at mushrooms.com, some of the profit will go to a great charity! You're purchase here has a divine ending to help others.

You the customer are part of the blessing and I greatly appreciate your business.
I know God’s amazing fungi will be a blessing in your life as well.

Let God In!

Seek HIM and HE will be there!

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