coming February 2013

Coming soon, gourmet mushroom grow kits that are so easy to use that you will be growing delicious mushrooms in 4 easy steps.
We will be offering edible mushroom spores and cultures as well.

For now if you are looking for psilocybin mushroom spores then we recommend These guys are on top of the game and have been producing pure quality magic mushroom spore syringes and spore prints since 1999. Their customer service is attentive,detailed and friendly and their mushroom spore strain genetics is the best. Many of the psilocybe mushroom strains circulating around the net originated at These guys actually travel to other countries and find new species and strains of psilocybe mushrooms to offer you spores of original genetics and new exceptional strains of popular species like cubensis. You can't go wrong with The Hawk's Eye and the thousands of happy reviewers around the net prove that.

We will put up our official professional web site when we get close to introducing our new product line. Happy Holidays everyone. -The Shroom'n CEO