This strain of copelandia cyanescens originates from Kembla Grange in NSW Australia, and was discovered by Nobitte growing on horse manure. Nobitte from Australia was kind enough to grow some really nice fruits out and share the spores with the online mushroom community and our grower obtained original spores from this grow. The mushrooms from this strain tend to be bigger shrooms then most other panaeolus (copelandia) strains. Our European grower had this to say about this strain: Big fruits, tends to abort easily, but gives fruits and grows forever (if it doesn't contaminate, and in his case, it didn't). He really liked it but was sorry that 90% of his first flush didn't print due to abortion - but he’s learned its habits. He also said his first grow flushed for 2 months continuously without contaminating and he finally threw it out. It was still fruiting when he threw it out!

Please note that panaeolus cyanescen spores typically take about 10 days to germinate under a microscope. They also do not do good on MEA agar.

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Panaeolus (Copelandia) Cyanescens KG Australia Spore Syringe

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