We are pleased to bring you the very rare Panaeolus (Copelandia) Tropicalis. It is believed the copelandia tropicalis originated from the Hawaiian Islands and was carried over to S. Fork Florida on Pineapple ships during the 1800's and became a native to certain areas of Florida. This species was discovered again in 1999 by Mr. G who was kind enough to send us spores. There was great controversy over this species with Workman and Mr. G back then and the controversy over the correct identification of this species actually stemmed from a very vague description of this species in Paul Stamet’s book Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World. The confusion over correct identification of this species lasted over a decade until Workman got creative and read some descriptions at the Original Ola'h monograph "Le Genre Panaeolus" (in French), Workman found that panaeolus (copelandia) tropicalis is described as primarily 4-spored with the occasional 2-spored basidia on the same mushroom. Thus figuring Paul Stamet’s specifications were indeed vague and partially wrong. Indeed the species Mr. G found back in 1999 was the real deal and we are glad the controversy is finally over and people can enjoy this pleasant species once again. In nature it is rather rare although Mr. G says he finds them often enough in Florida. It grows in the wild on very old dung in tall grass in sub tropical climates of Florida and Hawaii. Those that are fortunate enough to find this rare treasure certainly are blessed. 

In nature the copelandia tropicalis grows in warm weather sub tropical climates like Florida and Hawaii, Costa Rica and SE Asia. In nature the panaeolus (copelandia) tropicalis is considered the rarest of all the copelandia mushroom species of this genera.  The panaeolus tropicalis is considered highly medicinal for it's ability to heal migraines quickly.

Please note that panaeolus spores typically take about 10 days to germinate under a microscope. They also do not do good on MEA agar.

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Panaeolus (Copelandia) Tropicalis Spore Syringe

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