The Albino Penis Envy Reverted cubensis mushrooms is one of newest strains we released during Passover of 2020. The Albino Penis Envy Reverted cubensis (ApeR for short)is the work of a master grower, JackeonCid, and is rather awesome strain of psilocybe cubensis. This is a mutant substrain of the Albino Penis Envy cubensis strain, but this one is stabilized. The original Albino Penis Envy was a cross by Workman of the authentic Penis Envy and AA+ Albino cubensis, but that strain is very unstable just like its parent the authentic Penis Envy, but even worse. never carried the albino penis envy strain because it is too unstable. We really like the ApeR because it is stable and we feel this is the best strain to replace the authentic Penis Envy cubensis strain and the Albino Penis Envy strain. The Albino Penis Envy Reverted magic mushrooms has all the great qualities of the Penis Envy and Penis Envy Albino but loses the bad traits, such as lack of spores and contaminating easily. The ApeR is equally potent as the penis envy, grows much faster, drops plenty of spores, fruits easily and keeps the light color albino characteristic of the penis envy albino strain. About the only bad characteristic of this strain that came from the albino penis envy is it has a slightly the odd smell.  Although not a true albino, who cares, ApeR is cool looking with its whiteish colors.  So many people love the magic mushrooms Penis Envy cubensis, mostly for its higher than average potency and unique penis look, but it’s such a weak, degenerated strain and that contaminates easily. We highly recommend our customers buy our new Albino Penis Envy Reverted  cubensis spores over our authentic Penis Envy mushroom spores. The potency is equal so the only thing you're losing is the unique penis look.  JakeonCid did a lot work to isolate the better traits of these of the ApeR and we are sure you will enjoy it. 

Below are some photos of the parent strain Albino Penis Envy, then lots of photos in our image gallery of Albino Penis Envy REVERTED.

We will have more Aper prints in late November or early December.


copper.dome.bodhi 09/11/2021

Print received 04June21 went straight to agar. Spent six weeks repeating transfers then spilling to grain during July & forming first cake 14Aug21. Harvested these magnificent beauties last night 10Sept21. Absolutely gorgeous! Hearty little suckers. Never did I imagine they would grow this robust & prolific! Prestigious appeal. Extremely pleased!

Happy Farmer 03/27/2021

Huge producer, even with only one flush. Beat out multi flushes of others! Super easy!

The dude 11/03/2020

These are ridiculously stable and amazing mushrooms! They are very resistant to tam! The are vigorous with respect to eating sub. Tubs with great unaformaty and tubs with 14 inch giants. Literally the best easiest most potent strain I’ve ever worked with!

Reply from The Hawk: Nice :)

Jackthedog0105 09/30/2020

These are amazing! I’m in Brazil and after growing them out agar i transferd them to grain. My first try I inoculated several bags. One made it and I did grain to grain. End result large uniform flushes. No tam issues, strong as hell, and fast. If you get a chance to grab one of these prints don’t pass it up!

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Albino Penis Envy Reverted Cubensis Spore PRINT

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