Beech mushrooms,Hypsizygus tessulatus, are very popular in Japan and can be found in Asian grocer stores in the USA as well. This is a choice mushroom with a sweet smell and mild sweet nutty flavor. It’s rather easy to cultivate on supplemented sawdust from fast decomposing hardwoods such as alder, oak, beech or elm. Depending on how you grow it will depend on the shape the beech mushrooms take on. In Japan they prefer this mushroom with long stems and smaller caps. Growing from bottles will produce this form. If grow in sawdust block filter patch bags, the mushrooms will produce small stems and big clam shaped caps. 

Growth Parameters

Spawn run: 70-75°F, Humidity 95-100%, Time: 30-45 days; 

Primordia Formation: 50-60°F, Time: 7-12 days; 

Fruitbody Development: 55-65°F Time:5-10 days

Fruiting Cycle: Two Crops 3 weeks apart

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Beech Mushroom Culture Syringe

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