Hangover Prevention Pills

Hangover Prevention Pills

Drink Wine without a Hangover!These pills work!  We have been involved in selling hangover prevention pills since 2002. Their is a lot of junk products in this market that do NOT work. In all our years of trying new products we have found only 3 that actually work! These products are LiverGard, HD-1 Premium and Genesis02. The latter 2 both made by LifeTree. All of these products are natural and help your liver work more efficiently to flush out toxins associated with alcohol drinking, cigarette smoking and other toxins in our environment. 

Most other products on the market attempt to replenish vitamins, minerals and amino acids that alcohol consumption depletes from your body. This approach does not work and I watched a friends company go out of business because their XO3 product did not work taking this approach. Only true liver and blood detoxify products aid your liver. 

We are not the manufacturer of these hangover prevention products, so we can give you an unbiased view after using them for many years on a weekly basis. This authors personal experience is to combine the products for best results. They work great as a stand alone product kicking about 85% of the hangover symptoms, but when combined and taken together we have found they kick about 95-100% of the hangover symptoms, depending on how much alcohol you consume.  

Our natural hangover prevention products help your liver work more efficiently to flush toxins out of your body faster. We generally consume more alcohol then our liver can keep up with. All those toxins get backed up into our system giving us those nasty hangover symptoms. 

Also contained within the alcohol products are toxins called congeners. The level of congeners found in alcoholic beverages can be a major factor in the onset of hangover symptoms.

Our hangover prevention products are helping your liver to detoxify and flush these toxins out faster and help support your liver while it’s working so hard to get those toxins out of your system. Alcohol and its by-products (congeners) are typically metabolized at the rate of 0.5 ounces of alcohol per hour. The liver can normally process only 2 to 4 ounces of alcohol a night, yet we generally consume much more.

Giving your liver the aid and support it needs is the key to preventing hangovers. As well these products are proven through research to prevent liver damage by alcohol consumption. 

Additional tips from the author:

I would also like to note after many years of using these hangover prevention pills, and being an x-smoker, I still recommend taking some aspirin while you’re drinking if you’re a smoker. This author used to get migraines after drinking to much alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Since I switched to electronic cigarettes I no longer get the strong migraines.  

Recently I switched from using aspirin to Turmeric root capsules. Turmeric root is from the ginger family and is an amazing natural anti-inflammatory. It can be found anywhere vitamins are sold. By taking Two 450mg capsules each time I take the hangover prevention pills, along with water, this helps greatly reduce any swelling in the brain from alcohol consumption.

Although the manufacturers do not offer single serving packs as they are expensive to produce, mushrooms.com will be offering an Ultimate Hangover  Prevention sample pack combining the the products soon.

We carry the 2 best hangover products on the market and for sure one of them will work for you. If you take them as we suggest and you are not satisfied, you can return the unused portion (at least a 1/2 bottle) within 14 days for a refund less shipping.

LiverGard Hangover Prevention Pills

LiverGard Hangover Prevention Pills

An exceptional hangover prevention pill. liverGARD is a complex concentrated food, not a drug or her..


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