The Psilcoybe Allenii is a highly active mushroom species that is super fast and aggressive fungi. We are really excited about this species and we were able to beat the slugs to most of the patch this year. :). This would be considered a sister species to the very potent psilocybe azurescens and psillocybe cyanescens. It's a cold weather, outdoor, outdoor highly potent species like its sisters.

Psilocybe Allenii was named after famous enthomycologist John Allen who dedicated over 30 years of his life to psilocybe mushrooms and wrote many books, papers and analysis on these sacred fungi from all over the world.

Please note that the current spore prints of the psilocybe Allenii spores are light on spores. This is not a heavy spore depositing mushroom. Some agar skills will be required to get a culture going. But this is par for the course with wild outdoor mushroom prints anyway. We will ignore any complaints about the spore prints being light since are warning you now. If we had many prints we would just double up but we only got about 20 prints in this season and its best to spread the spores to as many collectors as possible.  


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Psilocybe Allenii Spore PRINT

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