Cubensis mushroom spores all the way from India, a large growing cubensis that was found fruiting from elephant dung.

It’s not uncommon for cubensis mushrooms to grow large and to their full potential on various mammal dung, but this strain of cubes tends to be large period.  

 Ever seen dinner plate sized mushrooms?  Our freinds in Austria tell us even on simple rice cakes in Amsterdam this one grows some rather large mushrooms. How ever they only expect real large mushrooms unless it's a dung based substrate. 

Originally brought to us my entheomycologist John Allen and his travels seeking the sacred fungi. The bigger the mushroom the more mystical it feels.

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Spore Taxonomy
Cubensis Spore Taxonomy Microscopic Features: Spores dark purplish brown to violet brown in deposit, subellipsoid, 11.5-17 by 8-11 u. Basidia 2- or 3-spores, but usually 4-spored. Pleurocystidia nearly pear shaped, sometimes mucronate, 18-30 by 6-13 u. Cheilocystidia fusoid-ventricose with an obtuse or subcapitate apex, sometimes sublageni form, 17-32 by 6-10 , with the narrow necks 3-5 u broad.  One rare cubensis strains named Columbia “rust spore” actually drops almost reddish rust colored spores but this strain is very unique! We do carry spores of that strain from time to time.
Mason 03/05/2016

I viewed these spores about 2 years back they where very calm an relaxing and good visuals with a rush of energy but no anxiety mine were to be a very weird huge fat balls for this type of cubensis spore very strong and I have seen all cubensis others are penis envys there all real great for fun or study

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Orissa India Cubensis Spore Syringe

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