In nature the mexicana var. tampanensis grows in well manured pastures but never directly on the dung. Typically found in horse or cattle pastures among grass. It’s usually found in temperature ranges from 65F to 80F in sub tropical climates. Spores will germinate at the lower temperature range. The original first tampanensis mushrooms were thought to be there own species until recent DNA analysis by mushroom taxonomy expert Dr. Guzman determined the tampanensis is actually a variety of ps. mexicana. 

They are named after Tampa Florida as they were found close to this city. Good strains of this mexicana variety eluded the online community for years as this variety is more rare in nature, but we now have this very reliable spores to enjoy!

Psilocybe Mexicana var. tampanensis is one of the rare mushrooms that produce sclerotia also referred to as “magic truffles” or “philosopher stones”. The sclerotia are small nuggets that grow under the soil and is a survival mechanism for the fungi. If conditions get bad and the surrounding mycelia network gets damaged or dies, the sclerotia lies dormant for the conditions to be favorable again and then sends out new mycelium from the sclerotia to continue the organisms life cycle.  In 2008 the Netherlands banned psilocybin mushrooms in the famous coffee shops, but not the magic truffles. These magic truffles are still shipped throughout Europe legally and grow kits are sold openly.  

An interesting fact about fungi sclerotia from the handful of fungi species that produce them is they can be used very easily to start a new colony of mycelium. Morel mushrooms also produce sclerotia and this is a great way to get a patch of delicious morels going. 

Update November 7th: We have the Tampanensis spore prints in stock again. They are listed in the exotic spore print section.

TheFuzzmanCO 07/29/2019

Truffles are my favorite. And THESE, are my favorite. Beautiful genetics all around that absolutely cannot compare anywhere else. Thank you for your hard work Hawk and Team! You have a customer for life!

Jared su 02/17/2018

Mr Hawk !! And fellow followers! Innoc. 2/15/18 visible mycelium 2/17/18. Highly viable!! Thanks!!! Wbs 80f

Jared su 02/15/2018

Thanks Mr Hawk! These spores look amazing!

Skruff 03/04/2017

Incredibly fast colon*****, and extremely fast recovery after a good shaking :) ThE Hawk is just incredible in terms of service and just all and around selection for prints and spores. I've never gone anywhere else for spores and I never will because it's all here. Thanks again Hawk, I'll be ordering again soon!

Ryan 11/27/2016

I wish I could Edit a review.
But here goes.
1) Liquid culture was "WOW" culture I put 2 cc in Liquid and is was HUGE and LIVE in 3 days. I made a second Liquid Culture from that and also 2-3 days. 2)AGAR "WOW" again. 3 drops on 3 different mault agar had Huge multiplication points ALL OVER THE AGAR 3) A transfer from Liquid culture on to agar was WOW as well 10XXX as potent as From syringe
THE WOW means i have done these same step on roughly 8 other strains from This site and this was by far the fastest/most active/live strain I have ever seen on ALL forms of media. AGAR,LC, RYE... WBS... EVEN, PF From this site. Including B+ and AA+ . This strain want to live. Some may get a good syringe. and other may not. But if you get 1 good syringe Of TAM you may not need to purchase more if you can spread across mutiple media. Even thought I purchased 1 More Because I love it so much. Last words I can not stress enough how "Explosive" the TAM Has been

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Psilocybe Mexicana var. Tampanensis Spore Syringe

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