Can you swim in an ocean of psychedelic bliss? We know you can because a Tidal Wave of shroomy fun is coming your way. The Tidal Wave psilocybe cubensis spores was posted on during Passover of 2020 and we predict this will be one of our best sellers. Yeah that is bold statement but we trust our master grower JakeonCid and he feels the Tidal Wave Cubensis is the best cubensis he has ever worked with! Yes another bold statement but if he’s wrong what is the worst that can happen? You get swept away by an awesome psychedelic wave of magic mushrooms. The Tidal Wave strain itself was the original work done by Doma crossing our B+ and Penis Envy strains together. The Tidal Wave magic mushrooms cubensis is a fast and easy fruiting cubensis that resists contamination good. Typically the fast fruiting strains do. It’s also above average potency for a cubensis according to JakeonCid’s cows. The Tidal Wave cubensis mushrooms was originally a cross between our #1 best seller the B Plus cubensis and our 3rd best seller the Penis Envy cubensis. Combining 2 top shelf strains led to some very good genetics.

The Tidal Wave cubes has a sense of style. Yes magic mushrooms can have style. This strain likes to wear hats! Cute little myco hats. HUH? What did he say……….? A characteristic of Tidal Wave cubensis is it regularly produces cool look mycelium growth on its caps, now that is stylish. ;) Grab a Kona Big Wave beer, some Tidal Wave mushrooms, and get ready to go surfing in the psychedelic ocean of bliss. 

Storm 06/22/2021

If you want to be blown away when you view your slides, I would recommend one of the other more spectacular varieties. However if you value viewing healthy, consistent, clean spore slides this is highly recommended.

Rizal 06/03/2021

Thank you, it took 2 months, but it worth the wait.
This item was out of stock for a long time.

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Tidal Wave Cubensis Spore PRINT

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