The Pioppino mushroom (agrocybe aegerita) is an easy to grow mushroom that that thrives on supplemented hardwood sawdust, wood chips and even supplemented straw. It’s a fast growing species and can fruit in about 32 days after inoculation. Stems and caps are thick and dense and sometimes fruits can grow up to 12”.  Pioppino's have a mellow flavor, especially when young. Great for cooking in just about any dish. The Pioppino's has another common name of black poplar mushrooms. The pioppino name is Italian and a popular musrhoom in Italy and southern Europe.

In nature this species natural geographical location is limited to the southeastern states of Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi in the US. Common across southern Europe and in similar climate zones of the far east.


Spawn Run: 70F-80F

Primodora: 50F-60F

Fruitbody: 55F-70F

This species will typically put out 2 good flushes 10 to 14 days apart.

microscopic features: spores smooth, ovoid to slightly ellipsoid, brown, 9-11 x 5-6.5(7)u, lacking a distinct germ pore. Clamp connections present.

This author has seen many photos over the years of people growing the black poplar mushroom the same as cubensis, especially for grow kit pictures, probably because this mushroom resembles cubensis species so much.

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Pioppino Mushroom Culture Syringe

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