Shiitake mushrooms, lentinula edodes, is probably the most popular cultivated mushroom around the world. It's also one of the most commonly used mushrooms in gourmet cooking as it imparts a delicious bold flavor and texture. It's a cool weather mushroom that naturally grows in forest on oaks and beeches typically. Although a popular mushroom for log cultivation, shiitake mushrooms are far easier and faster to grow on sawdust blocks in filter patch bags. Shiitakes do great on fast decomposing broadleaf hardwood sawdust (and chips if desired). Some of the woods shiitakes thrive on for sawdust bags is alder, cottonwood,poplar, willow, aspen, sweetgum and other fast decomposing hardwoods. For log production oak is the wood of choice for shiitakes. Reports show shiitake do not do well on fruit tree woods. The sawdust can be supplemented with rice or rye bran and other cereal grains. A good mixture for shiitake sawdust blocks is: 2 parts sawdust, 1 part wood chips, 1/8th part wheat,rice or oat bran, 1/20th part gypsum.

Growth Parameters

Spore Germination: 50-63°F

Spawn run: 70-80°F, Humidity 95-100%, Time: 35-70 days; 

Primordia Formation: 50-60°F, Time: 1 day then 60-70F 5-7 days

Fruitbody Development: 50-70°F Time:5-8 days

Fruiting Cycle: Usually 2-3 weeks for 16 weeks


McMoccasins 10/04/2017

This is my first time experimenting with shiitake. I have read that they like to take their time with everything and that you need to be very patient with them. I inoculated a jar with a mixture of brown rice flour, alder chips, gypsum and vermiculite with a higher moisture content on 9/30. I placed it in the cupboard above my refrigerator - about 70°F. By 10/3 I found 3 separate points of visible colonization. I am very excited to see how this turns out. So far, so good. Also, I have never done it before, but I sterilized my jar in a crockpot on high heat! It worked great for just one jar in case anybody was wondering! Thank you for the quality product. So far, it has exceeded my expectations.

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Shiitake Mushrooms Culture Syringe

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