The Treasure Coast spores come from a nice cubensis from the east coast of Florida. It’s named after the area it was found is referred to as the Treasure Coat because of all the ship wrecks in the area and the treasure that has been found there. The Treasure Coast Cubensis spores were given to us by Mr. G back. This is another / original going back to the original genetics.  Mr. G has done some interesting breeding with the TC strain, and it will throws off 3 different substrains. One of them being this very unique white cubensis, it’s like the chameleon of magic mushrooms.   Nature has an interesting way of shape shifting these mushrooms depending on the environment so nothing is written in stone, just enjoy what you are blessed with. 

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Spore Taxonomy
Cubensis Spore Taxonomy Microscopic Features: Spores dark purplish brown to violet brown in deposit, subellipsoid, 11.5-17 by 8-11 u. Basidia 2- or 3-spores, but usually 4-spored. Pleurocystidia nearly pear shaped, sometimes mucronate, 18-30 by 6-13 u. Cheilocystidia fusoid-ventricose with an obtuse or subcapitate apex, sometimes sublageni form, 17-32 by 6-10 , with the narrow necks 3-5 u broad.  One rare cubensis strains named Columbia “rust spore” actually drops almost reddish rust colored spores but this strain is very unique! We do carry spores of that strain from time to time.
Jim Morrison 01/17/2017

Treasure Coast are a real gem. I started out the hobby of observation of spores with a microscope with Koi Sami and several others but TC has been my favorite and I got all of them from The Hawk. I don't get involved with Drama on web boards but every time I see someone bad mouth his spores I know they either don't know what they are doing or have a motive, and I know there is a rare chance you can get a bad batch of spores but this hasn't been the case for me here. In fact the only dud spores I have ever received came from a major competitor I won't name names but they have a Canadian and US site.

Lazarus Jones 10/19/2016

My order arrived today and I couldn't be happier!! The syringes look nice and dark with spore clumps and the prints are clean and dark! Thank you for running a legit business and being great at your job!! I look forward to future business...

Mike T Money 03/23/2016

I read your description on the Treasure Coast making girls horny like 10 years ago on THE and well you were right. But it's not just the tc's is all psilocybe mushrooms! They make both me and my wife horny, always great sex on shrooms. You really should update your descriptions to let everyone know it's not just this one strain. The Treasure Coast cubensis is OK, I grew it a few times over the years. You're new site is awesome hawk and the same fast shipping and great quality like always. Glad to see you got a such a awesome domain, you deserve it!

Gina 03/23/2016

It's true, my pussy gets tingles when I eat shrooms. It's not just the TC's, all psilocybin makes me horny when I'm coming down. I want nothing more then to be next to my man and feel him inside of me when I'm relaxed on shrooms. All girls should take note, this is a true aphrodisiac. Just wait until the initial strong waves are over and it's time to lay in bed next to your man, you will be wet!

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Treasure Coast Cubensis Spore Syringe

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